writing is a panacea for many people only a few realize it. for student, writing can be a tool to communicate his feelings, dream, protests and even love.

i read once that an illness even can be discovered if one always notes down the symptoms that he encounter most of the time. and one can be healthier mentally if he can express whatever cross in his mind and feeling through writing (as one of the tools)….(why do I suddenly remember the Freudian theory that freedom is a must for one’s growth)


teachers ….this is the time for you to not only talking about how important to write is. rather, give evidence…….show that you eager to write….besides..being a teacher means that you need to be a role model right?


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the tiwuls

makan tiwul….dan other traditional food. makes me much better

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i am getting marrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddd¬†¬† ……thank you Honey, love you sooo much.

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Buku Pertamaku

Alhamdulillaah, bukuku sudah terbit. meskipun sederhana ku harap bisa bermanfaat bagi banyak orang. itu buku berdasarkan riset perpustakaan dan internet dan wawancara dengan para pemenang beasiswa.judulnya RAIH BEASISWA KE LUAR NEGERI SEKARANG JUGA, terbitan BENTANG PUSTAKA yogya. bisa di beli di Gramedia, Toga Mas, Mizan, Mizan Book Corner dll.


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what’s your ideology

Learning about ideology is important for everyone, especially for the young people as potential agent of change. there will be a time when they will replace the older generation, the crucial time as they need to make a lot of public policies requiring serious and deep thought.

ideology enables people to think clearly and in argumentative way instead of talking emotionally. think of demonstrants who never learn about any ideology, chances are they will end up with blank slogan which only them and God know the hidden meaning. so let them talk two.

i wonder why we dont educate ourselves and our young people with ideology. it can fight againts narrow mindness, ignorance or even hedonism because there you can find philosophical thought which makes people become more mature.


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soe hok Gie

Soe Hok Gie
after reading the book titled “soe hok gie sekali lagi” i found out that I have been such a spoiled woman though I am the independent one. hmm the word ‘independent’ now clearly reveals that my world is just spinning in one axis only that is my central ego. it is true that I am independent but that is only for fulfilling my needs. only once in a while that my mind thinks of somebody else, except my fam.

compared to the young restless intelectual Hok-Gie, I feel ashamed of my deliberate ignorance toward my people.

I mean, I am also intellectual, I am part of the few selected people who can have education at university, yet, all I have done only caring about my future life, carreer and such money savings.
cannot I just lend my mind to think of others?

and here comes the book, thank you for enlightening my life, never too late to change and to ponder before saying goodbye to this worldly life.

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What I should Learn from MJ

though it may be late to write about the death of the King of Pop, I still want to share what I should learn from him.

as seen from the sincere and deep condolences that his fans show in the funeral ceremony, Michael trully is a person who has transferred love; the ultimate positive energy to many people in the world.¬† He ain’t my brother nor my acquintance but when he left, my heart sank quite deeply. that my friend, is more than because of the magic of his songs but his very honesty and sincerity touch our heart from the very inside.

he shares the good things of his life.

that’s what I should learn from him. He shares the good things in his life.

and I do believe everyone of us could do the same. we dont have to be as billionaire as he is, just see around and try to not hurting people in your surrounding by the small things of yours; body language, words, even mind.

MJ may be had never taught that he has been dearly loved by million of people.

his caring and compassion makes him more human.

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