not so happy day but that’s fine

03 Jun

helo all,

i am come back. today i just got my other exam which killed me, i was almost totally blank, no ideas at all to answer those weird questions. anyhow, nothing can i do just face it yoo


i wonder if i could access my serendipity world anytime anywhere as this would definitely be fun, talking freely expressing whatever i feel at that moment. i remembered, yesterday,while waiting for my listening test, out of blue i scatched my book pouring some kinda sentimental ‘voice’telling how much i like my campus now.

i have been in several campuses seen as reputable ones. when i first heard about UST, the first came to my mind was that this one is underdog campus, not cool at all, never heard any of its achievement. besides, i dont care even if it doesnt exist, just not in my list of fave school.

nevertheless, provided that i plunge myself to the world which is pole apart from my background knowledge, i need to ever increase my knowledge and skills of English. it hit my head when i found out that the only university that could help me with that is UST. hwhaaaattt??? that far- from-cool univ? it can’t be real dude.

but it was 100% real. it was the only solution for me . then to make it short,okay then i became its freshman. snob and proud of my previous univ, i walked into that univ, unwhole heartedly  tried to mingle with others. i just did not feel that right. this school did not suit me at all. the building is so old and no arthistic value, near to garbage area, the students dont look intelligent ( well since i am not rich person so i never see someone from his wealth state of being).

here comes that day !

i remember, it was speaking 3- the lesson taught by mr eko. i just could not believe, when i entered the classroom –i knew nobody yet— the atmosphere turned to be different. i found out that the lecture and the students were so close. the lecturer did not position himself as someone who knows everything. in fact, this lecturer was humble and communicated, you know,really-really communicated with the pupils. the pupils also seemed so relax, and what embarrased me, they loved to say hi first to me.

i sound ridiculous– the bubble speech in my mind told me so. it ‘s so normal,everywhere.

yeah it’s sooo normal to have friendly people in our surrounding, but how much is the chance? how much is the chance that you get humble and down to earth lecturers? someone who could be teacher, friend and parents at the same time? how much is it? very rare i bet.

that was, when i had my writing class, i poured down in my passages that i was blessed to have new family that i know would support me all the way.

at this moment, i see my univ in a different perspective. i learn a lot from my humble teachers there, my humble friends, their sincerity is inicredible. magically i know i am different person now,measuring things not only from the external side but more deeply into the inner being.something that was easier to say but hard to do

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