another holiday

10 Jun

hai people !!

i got another holiday. this morning i skipped my classes and just stayed at home, nagging my head with my thesis. eat and slept and woke up. the electricity was off. gross!

so i just went outside heading to bookstore looking 4 da books that i long for, but again fruitless. hmm u know what my niece she joined a kinda contest and i must watch her tonite on tv.

i wish i could write more and more here.

cant do, hurry sickness


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4 responses to “another holiday

  1. Nana

    June 12, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    hehehe…dont know why but so glad to know whenever you got your day-off.
    I’m aware that you’re such a perfect workaholic person, but you’re only human, though 😉
    Plus, btw, why haven’t you put any comment on my personal blog, eh?
    I’ve linked this page of yours in mine, loh. So, I could just click on the link and read your stories everytime I edit mine. Okay, babe, enjoy your life to the fullest!!! 😀

    PS: visit mine on some time. You’ll be very welcomed ;p

  2. ulul

    June 12, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    okay nana baby, i’ll be there thx for your sweetest attention

  3. nana

    June 21, 2007 at 5:56 am

    mbak lul, i submitted the translated text then when you were away. They said you were teaching. Sorry for handing it in at almost 1. I got some troubles then. It’s strange today that I got a lot of trouble.
    First, about that flashdisk. I came over the net cafe near cilacs demangan to print the file at almost 8 am before Ganjar arrived. But you know what, virus detected. There was only one option: GO BACK HOME AND GET THAT FILE AGAIN! It was crazy, though. The only thing I could do to that file was to heal it. And to heal it means to delete it. And to delete it means to go back home and get that file again! See?
    Second, after teaching Ganjar, I went back home and on the way I passed by a computer shop. I asked for the CHEAPEST flashdisk they owned. But you know what, the cheapest one was Rp.100.000,-. It was not cheap at all, though. I told the man what my problem was. He said it was not my flashdisk’s problem. It was my computer at home that had a storage of viruses. What he said made sense anyway. I cancelled buying flashdisk. Then I faced another problem. It meant that I could not save the file in my flashdisk–nor floppy disk since it no longer worked in my PC. If it was so then how could I submit the translated text?? The only solution was to buy a new cartridge.
    Third, I didn’t have any money left in my pocket but Rp.100.000,- The price of cartridge was Rp.185.000,- What a fool! I borrowed my mom’s money. I brought the old broken cartridge to refill. But when it was checked, it was found that the cartridge could no longer be used. It meant that I really had to buy the new one. I did. I used my mom’s money. I went back home again and printed the files. It was no problem until that far.
    Fourth, after all clear, I headed for Kotabaru. I was at speed to make it on time. But you know what, when I had already been near Masjid Kampus UGM, I noticed that I left my bag. Leaving my bag meant leaving the papers. Leaving the papers meant returning home to take it back again. Can you imagine that?? O heck! I spent few hours on the road, riding here and there, walking here and there to computer shops to check for this and that. Phew… That’s the way the story goes. Thank you.

  4. ulul

    June 23, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    my sweeet nana, take my condolences as i contribute parts of the troubles . i cant imagine what would i be without any assistance of yours. thanks na for being an angel for me and also for your other buddies. i think “my sorrow” will be faded sometimes in july as mbak anita will come and me no longer in that ‘chair’. well sounds like someone talking about exploring food stalls and trying what you say as “live my life to the fullest”, he he.
    thanks again and get married soon !!!


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