The models

05 Jul

though i am now in thirties but am still seeking some inspiring models of my lives. sometimes and i think mostly lately i feel the boredom just greets me and that is a problem. the weathering season probably appears during my age everything seems so unintersting anymore, what matters are good friends in my surrounding as if i would die if i just could not make any band of good fellows.
well excuse me, i dont think it’s ridiculus  since peer support accounts.
then probably this one is ridicolous as i watch movies to inspire myself and to conciously find out the inspiring ‘role model’ who could live up my life. but i am totally aware that those movies are not real that i might find it hard to resemble the characters, well still it could ‘strengthen’ me somehow 🙂
i consider myself as “quite religious one’, so, based on what i have been thru along this time, God is miraculously heal all the wounds and the misserable loneliness. it is by remembering HIM which is equal to He remembers us then the peace will fill our heart and be the snow in the dry desert.

i think i am in crises of my age, life is just like that, no more challenges. well yes of course there are some, but i am not challenged. i dunno it’s all confusing.

but, i think i am okay now.
i will just do what one of my good friends always says to me; life your live to the fullest, or sort of….

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