difficult co worKer

06 Jul

i work with people. almost everyday i meet new people. but dealing with new people probably could be easier than working with our team. i meant like this. working with new people probably are just for temporary but our team; they’ll stay longer with us, thus we need to adjust ourselves with them for quite long periode.

then the problems might appear during the adjustment. parts of the member team turn to be so annoying and difficult co-workers, while some others they are just fine !.

recently i got stressed out with my difficult co worker, gosh, she seems like living in a very different planet and speaking different language with us. everytime she mess up the work, she simply says “sorry”, as if it were such a meaningless word in this complicated world.

secondly, another difficult co-worker who holds a trophy of mrs. ‘being late’, you know, she loves to come at least five minutes after the class begins. oh yeah believe me, she had like thousands of excuses.

hmmm, oh yah, a lady who likes to take the credits of what we have done. grosss!!!, never be such person, better to dissapear.

anyhow, i know it wont possible to change people.  probably it is more tranquil to think that changing ourselves is far better and easier than changing other people. 

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Posted by on July 6, 2007 in JUICY JUICE


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