10 Jul

what is worse than loneliness? nothing…..well that what i guess. probably there is something worse than it which is good as i want to know what it is. the loneliness can suck everything we have probably like what J.K rowling said in Harry Potter; it’s like Dementor who takes every single bit of happiness from u. loneliness could disorient us from the destination.

though i have lots of friends and when i was still with my bf, still i dunno, loneliness seemed to be my real friend …LOL.

then a good friend of mine introduced me to a very simple method which makes me feel that HE is so near to me that i could feel His warm smile at me. it’s simple, psychologically dzikir conditions ourselves to always remember Him by chanting His Holly name everytime and everywhere.

but.. iam just human

again, burry myself with sleeping instead of chanthing His name

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