about being specialized

12 Jul

Specialized on a particular subject for me is extremely important. this idea probably is not that popular in our country but i know this matter had sprung since 1980s in western countries. Actually mastering particular subject does not mean limiting our areas, indeed it can even widen the fields we can join in. supposed you are mastering linguistics then you could  work at any fields as u will always be able to adjust yourself with the related field.

besides, the market for a linguist is the world itself. People talk, people need to deliver their ideas clearly and efficiently, thus there is always a need to use the language. cool !!

teaching language is only small part of the large portions for linguist. likewise, translation.

however, most people seemed to be scared of being specialized on something. they need to know EVERY SINGLE THING wich makes them “half-cooked”. that’s the problem of some professionals in indonesia.

even though when it comes to the fact that we humans are equipped with multiple intelligences then the concept of specialization is not contradicting. in fact it’s not supposed to be contradicted. well, being able to cope many various things is not new, it is the Quality of the job that matters.

now me, my background is politics, as i plunged myself into this teaching matters then professionalism counts. meaning that i must follow the rule of being pro and speacialized then i take another bachelor degree to really learn english.

anyway, this is only my thought, what do u think ?


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2 responses to “about being specialized

  1. dyno

    July 16, 2007 at 1:42 am

    Most people seemed to be scared of being specialized on something, this is result of the low reward. And, our curriculum is not good. You know, the student have to learn anything. How we can get fully professional person?

  2. sylvia

    July 16, 2007 at 5:19 am

    hi Dynoooooooooooo, glad to get da response from U, i meant, professionalism could be encouraged by being specialized, besides, it doesnot mean that knowing particular subject doesnt mean we dunno anything else.
    hey really glad again, besides u gimme three comments, write me mor dyn. so that i can learn many xpressions from ya


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