Asian Cup is (currently) My CuP of TeA…………..

18 Jul

Pasha, one of my students at Progressive CILACS UII was about to leave his class as Indonesia  becomes the host of Asean Cup this year. As a keen listener of RRI PRO 3, ( well you may say that i am JADUL, but this station is really a magic box full of useful info), I found out that most listeners from different part of Indonesia voice one similar thought; that Indonesia can always beat other team, that every listener calling the radio on that day believes that we are standing equally with other nations– well THAT was something I have not heard for long time from this country!! you know, the spirit of togetherness, the proud of being one nation, the optimistic of being the winning country. THAT what can we call by N-Ach spirit. The spirit that can spur someone to reach something. Apparently the fact that Indonesia becomes the host could accelerate the spirit.

well besides the accentuated spirit, I also notice that because of this competition, we people could unite for a while as a big nation, a while, yeah coz  after that i am not sure if we could stick together again, as a nation. Having been hit by many kinds of disasters ( physical and non physical ones) The Indonesians find it relieving to just focus on themselves, never mind others!, they tend to be so alienated from other world.

so, let’s see the bright sides of Asean Cup in Indonesia, let it be the remedy of the long fatigue and tiresome of the Indonesians. Let them forget their poor houses flooded by the cursed MudFlow in Porong Sidoarjo, Let them smile for a while after scattering garbages, Let SBY get entertained, and Let us pray there will be other event which can turn our head from our miserable fates. Seemed so desperate, but i am not at all. Just trying to see the bright side of every thing.


at this moment, South Corea vs Indonesia; 1-0 for Corea, still Indonesian Team is the best. hee hee hee

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Posted by on July 18, 2007 in JUICY JUICE


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