Metacognition in Islam

24 Aug

Having joined a training several weeks ago in UII FE i was like having great “enlightment”, :-)) . All the trainers were all psychiatrists and they delivered the training interestingly, probably cause i did not much get in touch with theories of psychology.

well, there was one thing that caught my attention, it was about metacognition.

i was trained how to reflect and control my mind, to feel the beats of my hearts and to see my “physic”, just like meditation. Basically all those trainings in metacognition session was about controlling ourseleves. logically, if we can sense our heartbeat, create mental image of us doing something perfectly in the future , then we can control ourselves and our minds on what we likely to do in da future, hmmm so it says. it is also believed that positive thinking on something or someone will end as good results.

frankly, this is not a new concept at all. i heard this thousand times in islamic values on how we are prohibited to have negative prejudies toward someone, and even Allah The Merciful recites in holly book; I am within my servant’s thought. then if one thinks that God is merciless then be it, he actually suggested himself that his God never likes him, rather likes to torture him.

nevertheless, it is our surrounding ; nurture and nature that usually contribute to the way we see God. take for example when a mother warns her son; ”

                        observe prayer!, or else God will get angry to you”

                       “Don’t do that!, or you’ll end up in  hell”

see, so many threats, so many bad news using God’s name. i never think that God Himself wants us to remember Him in this way.  why does not she say something like:

                        “kids, let’s observe prayer, God will be pleased and love you”

                        ” you’d better not do that or somebody will get hurt”

it is important that we put good name for God. not the vice versa.

then the kid raised with all scarry threats “from God” will find it difficult to see that God actually is the most merciful substance in his life, the one who can grant Every Single Hope and Prayer, the kid just failed to think like this.

then some treatment using metacognition probably will work best to lead this kid to the concept of beloving God. imagine if he has grown up with this concept all of his life time, he will desperate easily when facing block end of some problems. this nurture will also create mental illness people; those who have phobia to God, gosh!! phobia to God, cannot imagine it. You  LOVE God therefore you will not do something which He Forbides you to do.

yah i do believe in theory of carrot and stick.

but too many sticks will lead someone to stressfull life. and too many carrots will lead to ignorance… perhaps.

islam is about balance, between Hope and Fear to Allah, but what we see in this present surrounding, too many people try to give Allah bad names.

my writing maybe tends to disperse. but not much i think, still relating to the core issue.

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