09 Sep

This Sunday was  quite exciting for me as the day before bu rini called me and asked if i would be the jury for regional competition of poetry reading. the elementary and junior high schools joined this compeition.

at first i was like regretting myself taking a job during holiday. but seeing the performance actually was entertaining not because i enjoyed very much the poem but the young readers, they were just sooooooooo funny that sometimes i need to hold myself not to burst into laugh seeing their performance.

small little girl was reading the text for the whole time ignoring everyone in the room that made her so cute and funny to see. i loved this girl as despite her lack of confidence she just kept reading the poetry till finished. hee hee hee, she was so little i gues she was just in the second grade of elementary.

another participant was cute little boy only 12 already in the first grade of Junior High. he had slanted eyes that even getting more and more slanted when he read the poem as he seemed to really fall deeply into his reading and blinked his eyes several times.

another participant, she recited a poem entitled ” homework”, when she expressed her hatred toward homework she just threw away a daster to the floor, i was shocked, more shocked when she hit the white board saying a word of “earthquake”.

after all,

i keep a poem bought by one participant. it’s  touchy……..for me. i put it on the page titled; ARE YOU MY FRIEND?

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