Wooden Apple

09 Sep

once upon a time, there was a monkey swinging over shady jungle. suddenly he saw an apple, a wooden apple . amazed by this perfectly furnished apple he decided to bring it anywhere he went. whenever he paid his friends a visit he always boasted the apple. not once did he left it unattendant. he always brought and brought it anywhere he went till he finally forgot to eat, drink, socialize with his friends and some other important things. to make it short, he just spent the time, all the time to only admire the wooden apple.

when finall hunger sting him, he could not help himself eating something to survive. still impressed by the condition of the wooden apple — which he thought the real one , he started to bite it a little. startled, he was startled to death when he did it as the wooden apple was not the real apple he had thought before, it just looked good by its appearance , but that it was, nothing more. the apple cannot satisfy his hunger. the apple which he held dearly turned to be useless when he needed it at the most.

do i probably hold dearly my own wooden apple which i think is the real one.

i may have fought terribly only to defend the wooden apple which later on will not be that helpful for me. the lesson is that i must intelligently make any choice or else i end up with regret. sometimes i may just let something go if it just gimme “impression” that it is of importance.

it is likely that my thesis is now ultimate priority. and probably others are the wooden apples……………………yah it may    be like that.

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Posted by on September 9, 2007 in SyeDaP


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