Why only few women become leader?

29 Sep

Why only few women become a leader?  

This question stings me lately, most probably triggered by an article of my subscribed paper.

Anyway, indeed this one is a good question, why only few women become a leader despite their feminine traits, motherly personal touch, and intelligence!! Why?

I would presume it stems from two basic sources; external and internal ones. Thousands of reasons impede women to be a leader such as patriarchal culture seeing woman is weaker than man both in physical and mental area.

My view; it MIGHT be true, in fact, women live much longer than men in addition to having ability to conceive and deliver baby which needs massive energy and strong muscles (imagine that you need to bring your infant inside your body for 9 months, whenever and wherever u go).

women also have their period regularly that slowly decrease their calcium mass of their bones; probably this explains why they mostly suffered from osteoporosis.  

This cultural view results in many effects, a woman then should be overly protected as she is too weak to protect herself; then, a woman is not encouraged to be a leader as she herself cannot afford to control her own emotion – moreover her men later on. 

 Nevertheless, what woman should bother instead of the external view is actually ‘the nature’ of woman. Well, it may sound weird as the nature of someone could not be easily modified, but once she could realize that ‘something wrong’ is ingrained in her mind, it would be easier for her to change the attitude and her self perception.

 Let me make it clear,Many women that I meet, truly look great and indeed they are REALLY great. They have brain, knowledge, individual uniqueness, talents, and such. They REALLY HAVE them all. Yet, when I assign them to do something which is CHALLENGING, most of them perceive it as TOO DIFFICULT TO DO; they will come up with both Reasons plus Excuses ( the latter occur a lot) and only a few end up as survivors. Another conclusion; they are not risk taker which is of importance to be a leader.

To make it worse, they will constantly see themselves as the persons who are incapable of doing something, of doing particular job; forever owing the feeling of being incapable. I wonder why they could keep that kinda feelin’ forever? Why not changing their mind? Why not making self suggestion that they CAN do EVERYTHING they want? Or why not TRYING to be a more capable human resource? There is not any reason of ‘feeling’ incapable.

Another conclusion; those women need a little bit more bravery.  Someone told me –which I hold it dear- that If you are able to take care of small things, then you will be ready for something bigger. So, if a woman refuses to do a job which is actually not as complicated and difficult as she may have thought, only because she is afraid of failure, then for real she is not ready or she will not be ready for doing something bigger; being a leader. 

 So I thought.    

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