pursuit of happYness

03 Nov

Lately, after buying that machine i have a soft spot for  watching movie. just now i finish watching the one entitled pursuit of HappYness, based on true story of the unbelievably succesful stock broker who once was a homeless, juggling with his life with the only son who was just 5 years old.

Why Thomas Jefferson mentioned something about  pursuit of happiness in the declaration, probably because we must run to reach the happiness or it might never exist. absolutely the lattest idea steming from pessimistic person. however we might be bothered as the definition of happines in our mind could be influenced by the ‘definition’ and the ‘criteria’ of happiness of somebody around.

thus, are we possibly trapped by other people’s dream of happiness??

but the movie with Will Smith intelligently acting as the main character underlines that the happiness he and his son pursue is actually the very basic kind of happiness; decent home base and meal though he eventually end up as a new tycoon.

seeing this movie, though it is based on the very real story could make me think that life is full of magical events. for a while we must live with the ‘burden’ till we could discover the key to later on open the multi-layered doors of happiness.

ridiculously, though umpteenth of time i watch ‘inspiring’ movies, i once was moved and after that earth calling; go back as lazy bone …again.

well, at least i should remember this from da movie:

if you want something, you run for it. period.


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2 responses to “pursuit of happYness

  1. bahtiar

    September 24, 2008 at 4:36 am

    boso jowo please …. 😦

  2. sylvia

    September 24, 2008 at 6:31 am

    tak sinau sek yo, anak mu wis lahiran durung bah


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