out of the blue

21 Jul

out of the blue i found myself “swarming” some boutiques and mall and exhibition to hunt batik clothes. i just suddenly fall in love with batik. with its uniqueness, its ability to wrap me in unusual appearance and gives me the feeling that hardly could I find in the clothes of “that usual fabrics”.

well i must admit that batik, as other fabric also is on different level of prices: from the very cheap to impossible price, it’s all there and you are so welcome to select the fabric, pattern and da price.

somehow, i am a greenhorne in this matter. i have no adequate ideas on deciding which batik seems more elegant than others as all of them are quite similar to each other.  maybe i just use some old techniques that the more expensive ones are better than the vice versa. so i choose the middle price with some ethnic accesories which is cheap but look so classy and elegant to boost the appearance.

talking about appearance, the following quote somewhat warns me sometimes; if you look cheap, people will treat you cheap.

wow, that’s too much, but i think it is normal that people would build their first impression from the first look. as i read once that the first three minutes would be of importance in building our image to our companion, or as like AA Gym illustrates: there are two sellers selling the same products. one of them is wearing neat cloth, clean, and wear shoes while the other one is only wearing plain cloth which is not neat and is wearing sandals. the customer would most probably go to the first one as they “feel” that they were honored by the seller, not to mention that the seller succeed in creating good image to the customer.


despite all of this, this afternoon, i bought a purple batik cloth with wooden bracelet. it cost less than 100.000 what a bargain!

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One response to “out of the blue

  1. Nana

    July 24, 2008 at 3:07 am

    ae, aku lagi di uii neh. mana sendirian lagi. hwa… tapi enak kok ngenet.. hehehe


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