Diam-Diam Misuh

21 Aug

two days ago, it was the day full of cursing anythin’ in my surrounding.

first,  as I strolled at mall searching for a hand bag for my cousin’s wedding I went to some bag stalls only to be surprised by the price. it’s all impossible, the price was impossible! only fool would buy that thing. then i cursed …… well actually i dunno whom should be cursed. was it the seller? the bag? or probably it should have been to me, to my finance condition :=(

second, then i decided to buy a piece of fried chicken. the menu is chicken steak. i told the seller, i'”ll bring it home. then she had it wrapped with not-so-safe-wrapping. i put it inside my bag (fool!) and when i got home the sauce spread everywhere in its plastic bag. shouldn’t the seller put the sauce in a small plastic bag instead of spreading it on the top of the fried chicken? aagghhh, again the second curse.

third, before reaching home, i came by to a warung to buy two small packages of glue. i should have got 400 rupiahs as the change money. ehhhhh bapaknya itu malah ngasih gue 4 permen sebage ganti 400 rupiah. secara dia tetangga gw juga yah mau manyun juga gak enak, akhirnya yah udah misuh lagi dah.

now, i had cursed for three times in 2 hours.

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Posted by on August 21, 2008 in JUICY JUICE


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One response to “Diam-Diam Misuh

  1. dyno

    September 11, 2008 at 1:54 am

    yang waras mengalah….wakakakak (is this fourth curse? nolah y)


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