ME n Endometriosis

24 May

after sometimes that i have not written anything here then I come with the latest update of myself.

I have endometriosis with me.

what is that?

is a medical condition in which endometrial cell is deposited in areas outside the uterine cavity.  it causes pain a lot ,I can have a baby but, difficult.

the cause?

many theories surrounding this illness: alergic, reflux of the menarche blood, etc.

who can suffer from it?

any woman especially those who have not delivered baby after 30 years old.

lots of the patients are career women who delay their pregnancy ( God, You know, i did not delay anything here, am not just married yet…….:(……:)   )


it’s big news for me, I know what I am facing here, I have read lots of articles about it and i am just preparing for everything in my life, which would not be the same any more, hm hm, never be the same.

recently i had excruciating painful, sometimes so hurt that I just want to lay down my body and not do anything. this illness might not kill me but somehow it can bound the internal organ of the body severely, and yup, that pain is really annoying.


here comes tomato, the magic fruit that can slow down the growth of endometriosis. i consume it almost everyday, the juice without sugar. the pain is still there.

lately I decided to work out, i buy treadmill and give myself time to exercise. i can say amazingly the pain is gone now, and the tomato juice is still my best friend.

my doctor said: “you still can have baby with that”

the fact: endometriosis can gimme difficulties to bear any offspring.

so what I must do now actually is to find out what stadium of my illness is.

i raise my hands to you God, may you bless me with miracless and with the easy ways, amen


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3 responses to “ME n Endometriosis

  1. lola

    May 25, 2009 at 7:00 am

    lycopene is in estrosense, which is what helps you from tomatoes (they bother my stomach)

    endo can affect young girls, even pre-teens

    here’s some info, the diet info might really help – and yes, women do have chldren when they have endo

    surgery with an expert can give you amazing help – the CEC in atlanta is wonderful –

    also, see (see surgery section)

    and get dian’s book, it’s a bible and helpful!

    • sylvia

      January 5, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      thank you a lot!

  2. lola

    May 25, 2009 at 7:01 am

    ooh, info on estrosense is at


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