soe hok Gie

24 Dec

Soe Hok Gie
after reading the book titled “soe hok gie sekali lagi” i found out that I have been such a spoiled woman though I am the independent one. hmm the word ‘independent’ now clearly reveals that my world is just spinning in one axis only that is my central ego. it is true that I am independent but that is only for fulfilling my needs. only once in a while that my mind thinks of somebody else, except my fam.

compared to the young restless intelectual Hok-Gie, I feel ashamed of my deliberate ignorance toward my people.

I mean, I am also intellectual, I am part of the few selected people who can have education at university, yet, all I have done only caring about my future life, carreer and such money savings.
cannot I just lend my mind to think of others?

and here comes the book, thank you for enlightening my life, never too late to change and to ponder before saying goodbye to this worldly life.

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Posted by on December 24, 2009 in JUICY JUICE


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