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Just last night i watched this awesome movie. it is about a teacher who successfully abated racism and hatred among students, humanized them more and accepted differences in the world. it is about the “power” of daily journal that the students made every single day, pouring and sharing the bitter reality of their lifes.

writing a journal apparently could  be good tool to communicate between teachers and problematic students as they may find the book as a fair and trustworthy buddy. but for some people it is still a big hindrance for them espressing their thoughts on the paper, i used to also feel the same way. writing could never be easy for me coz i felt as if someone out there would laugh at me and my silly ideas. but as the time goes by, i understand that writing is brain activity, it activates ma brain though there is a theory saying that writing more with less reading will not enhance your writing ability, but reading more will generate better writing production so, neva under estimate reading.

back to the movie,

all i can say is patience and brain Do matter!! 

nevertheless, finding a personal space in this cyber sphere could liberate some pain and anger from within.


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Writing = keriting?


writing has been a monster for most people in my country, including my beloved students. all they say when they hear that word is; “ooohh noooo, no writing, pls dont :))”, as if they were about to do the most unpleasant thing. IT IS an UPHILL struggle, especially for adult learners.

this should be overcome i think as writing is a part of preserving values and cultures, so if nation does not write i could not imagine what happen next.

well, i think the problems are many; grammar is just the tip of the iceberg. i myself, i dont think i am good at writing, but somehow i must write and write, just make it into da habit.

if grammar is not the only problem then i can say that probably revealing one’s self is very hard for someone. i have a student who is fluent in english, but when i offer him to write in weblog, shaking his head off he said; no thanks, i am not open person so i m too shy to write.

i wonder if someone could motivate da students to write more and more


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