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i am getting marrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddd   ……thank you Honey, love you sooo much.

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salam dangdut

gw lagi ngenet di warnet dan musiknya full dangdut, cihuyyy salam dua jempol dah


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Libur Telah Usai

whoaaah, finally liburanku telah selesai.

bener-bener menikmati liburan yang 2 minggu full itu deh, i barely did nothing but sleeping, eating, reading my novels, watching movies, exploring malls sometimes, eating out, and go back to my dream land, sleeping lagi. buset dah kayaknya ukuran pinggang dah molor2 gitu deh.

oh seandainya daku punya banyak waktu libur pasti it would so much fun for me and my mommy secara kalau hari biasa tuh rumah fungsinya cuman dua, tempat mandi dan tidur dimalam hari, i am in the middle of nowhere every single day.

i luv holidays, i think i am fresher now, ready to get the ball rolling!!!


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Eating should have been my middle name, given to the fact that I find it so entertaining to use my leisure time exploring some food stalls in my town.

 When I stayed in Solo for my high school years Tumpang had been the curry that I fall for. It consists of boiled vegetables stirred with sauce made of crushed ‘tempe’, coconut milk and other ingredients. What made me startled was that this food used also flower as the main ingredient. The flower which looks like tulip is also boiled and comes together with other vegetables. And when I ate that for the first time I felt like a shaman who eats weird food in order to gain his magical power as I eat Flowers. ……yuck!…and yummy..then .  

And when I moved to Yogya, I do not meet Tumpang very often in my dining room, in fact, I love to taste Gorengan (dryly fried food) a lot. It is snack; people in Indonesia mostly munch on gorengan anytime and anywhere, and surprisingly in any event. Here, it is amusing to find out that Steel Concrete (Balok) is another name of fried cassava, Molen ( a huge machine which has elliptical shape that rolls when it works) is an alias of fried snack made of a tiny slice of banana rolled by wheat flour molded physically like molen (only of course much smaller).

And not forget; Cat Rice; Nasi Kucing;! It’s not rice meant for feeding a cat, but very tiny little cooked rice with a little side dish (mostly is only minced chilly) on the top and is wrapped by banana leaves.  So small portion that will not satisfy your hunger explaining why people in Yogya call it cat rice.  And do you know what kind of food called  SUBMARINE ( kapal selam)? It is fried wheat with yolk inside, comes with salty sauce.     So imagine, how strong you are that you could eat Submarine, Steel Concrete and

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This Sunday was  quite exciting for me as the day before bu rini called me and asked if i would be the jury for regional competition of poetry reading. the elementary and junior high schools joined this compeition.

at first i was like regretting myself taking a job during holiday. but seeing the performance actually was entertaining not because i enjoyed very much the poem but the young readers, they were just sooooooooo funny that sometimes i need to hold myself not to burst into laugh seeing their performance.

small little girl was reading the text for the whole time ignoring everyone in the room that made her so cute and funny to see. i loved this girl as despite her lack of confidence she just kept reading the poetry till finished. hee hee hee, she was so little i gues she was just in the second grade of elementary.

another participant was cute little boy only 12 already in the first grade of Junior High. he had slanted eyes that even getting more and more slanted when he read the poem as he seemed to really fall deeply into his reading and blinked his eyes several times.

another participant, she recited a poem entitled ” homework”, when she expressed her hatred toward homework she just threw away a daster to the floor, i was shocked, more shocked when she hit the white board saying a word of “earthquake”.

after all,

i keep a poem bought by one participant. it’s  touchy……..for me. i put it on the page titled; ARE YOU MY FRIEND?

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Wooden Apple

once upon a time, there was a monkey swinging over shady jungle. suddenly he saw an apple, a wooden apple . amazed by this perfectly furnished apple he decided to bring it anywhere he went. whenever he paid his friends a visit he always boasted the apple. not once did he left it unattendant. he always brought and brought it anywhere he went till he finally forgot to eat, drink, socialize with his friends and some other important things. to make it short, he just spent the time, all the time to only admire the wooden apple.

when finall hunger sting him, he could not help himself eating something to survive. still impressed by the condition of the wooden apple — which he thought the real one , he started to bite it a little. startled, he was startled to death when he did it as the wooden apple was not the real apple he had thought before, it just looked good by its appearance , but that it was, nothing more. the apple cannot satisfy his hunger. the apple which he held dearly turned to be useless when he needed it at the most.

do i probably hold dearly my own wooden apple which i think is the real one.

i may have fought terribly only to defend the wooden apple which later on will not be that helpful for me. the lesson is that i must intelligently make any choice or else i end up with regret. sometimes i may just let something go if it just gimme “impression” that it is of importance.

it is likely that my thesis is now ultimate priority. and probably others are the wooden apples……………………yah it may    be like that.

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arisan hyuuuk

Abis ikutan arisan ibu-ibu blog,

tadinya si ndah ndut yang ngajakin, yah tidak apa2 namanya juga cari teman. seneng juga kumpul ma mereka though i was like alien among them lha ndak kenal siapa2.  i think this kind of group could wake me up for spending my time dealing with “real” life, instead of burrying myself with my office tasks


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