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What I should Learn from MJ

though it may be late to write about the death of the King of Pop, I still want to share what I should learn from him.

as seen from the sincere and deep condolences that his fans show in the funeral ceremony, Michael trully is a person who has transferred love; the ultimate positive energy to many people in the world.  He ain’t my brother nor my acquintance but when he left, my heart sank quite deeply. that my friend, is more than because of the magic of his songs but his very honesty and sincerity touch our heart from the very inside.

he shares the good things of his life.

that’s what I should learn from him. He shares the good things in his life.

and I do believe everyone of us could do the same. we dont have to be as billionaire as he is, just see around and try to not hurting people in your surrounding by the small things of yours; body language, words, even mind.

MJ may be had never taught that he has been dearly loved by million of people.

his caring and compassion makes him more human.

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