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writing is a panacea for many people only a few realize it. for student, writing can be a tool to communicate his feelings, dream, protests and even love.

i read once that an illness even can be discovered if one always notes down the symptoms that he encounter most of the time. and one can be healthier mentally if he can express whatever cross in his mind and feeling through writing (as one of the tools)….(why do I suddenly remember the Freudian theory that freedom is a must for one’s growth)


teachers ….this is the time for you to not only talking about how important to write is. rather, give evidence…….show that you eager to write….besides..being a teacher means that you need to be a role model right?


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Mr xxxxxxxxx and an obsessed woman

my friend Mrxxxxxxxx    is my colleague and he usually teaches his students without complaining, well yah there is time for him interrupting but so far he has been so cooperative until one day he could not take it any more. a student of his seemed has “tresspassed” the line between teacher and student. in fact that female student becomes the stalker, always sending him messages indicating that she is absolutely interested to her teacher.


turned out that    is a timid person, decent and so perfecsionist who undoubtedly will refute such approach. so he made up lots of reasons and excuses for not teaching her anymore.

she just cannot take all da excuses that she fought and fought to get what she believed to be her “rights” though the management “gave ” her another teacher who is deadly handsome, and she was cool for some moment only to burn her fire again, “yelling” at everyone in my office mocking us as if we were treating her unfairly.

hee hee hee heee, such silly thing can happen so i just enjoy this “show”, she sent pages of letters to Mr xxxx pointing that he was so selfish and he should have accepted any student who wants to learn from him. but by sending seducing sms es? heee heee heee i dont think so.

and the fight goes on……………………………..

this obsessed woman cannot let go off her “prey”, and Mr xxxxxxx even becomes more and more frigthened.

it’s natural i think.

just like in nature, men after women, and though it is not that ‘usual’ in indonesia, women now can freely after the men.

just enjoy the show and see what it will be like at the end.

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